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By / August 22, 2016

Would you be interested in getting into sex toys? Lots of people think that sex toys are fun, says Tina from London escorts. However, finding the best advice on which toys to buy, is not that easy. I have been buying sex toys for years, so I know that some sex toys are better for beginners than others. If I were to give somebody outside of escorts in London advice, I would tell them to start with a vibrator.

Most of the girls here at London escorts made a vibrator their first sex toy. I think that if you were to ask a group of escorts in London, you would find that they all think that vibrators are the best sex toy for beginners. First of all, vibrators are easy to find and you can buy them almost anywhere. Even the online Groupon does a great selection of vibrators and many of them are manufactured in Europe. If you are looking for quality make sure that you buy a certified sex toys which is actually approved.

When I first started to get into buying sex toys, I felt a bit embarrassed and I am sure that most people do. Speaking to my friends here at London escorts, it is obvious that they were about concerned about making their first purchases as well. However, I am sure that most of the girls here at London escorts are very happy with buying sex toys know, and I know that most of the girls buy a huge variety of sex toys. It is great to have a few fun things to play with once you have become more experienced.

If you are not very comfortable going into a sex shop, you can always do what the girls here at London escorts do. They sit down with their partners and go through a catalogue to find the sex toys which suit them. Okay, I know that you can go through a website, but I still prefer catalogues and I know that many of the girls here at escorts in London do as well. It is kind of sexy to snuggle up with your partner and check out what you would like to play with when you are alone.

Finally, don’t try to make your own sex toys. Lots of people still make their own sex toys, and many of them can be dangerous. If you are serious about getting into sex toys, I think that the best way forward is to buy them from a proper company. Vibrators are great and once you get yours home, you will appreciate how many things that you can do with a vibrator. Make sure that you buy a good quality vibrator so you are not disappointed with your selection at all. Quality does matter when it comes to sex toys, otherwise you may end up getting disappointed. While you are looking through the site or catalogue, you may want to invest in nipple clamps as well. Most ladies seem to enjoy them. I love mine and don’t go anywhere without them.…

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Sex Toys For Beginners

By / July 12, 2016

When a person wants to experiment with sex toys they may not know where to begin. There are some many toys on the market it can be overwhelming. The following are some of the best sex toys for beginners. These toys can be used alone or with a partner.

Remote Control Vibrator

This vibrator comes with a remote control so a person can control the speed. The egg vibrator is small and easy to clean. It is wireless. A woman can put this vibrator in her special area and control the speed. For even more fun, her partner can control how fast this little egg vibrates.

We Vibe

This vibrator is meant to be shared. It is a vibrator that is great for a couple since it has two ends. This can be used by both straight and gay couple. When a woman is using this alone one end of this vibrator is used to help stimulate the g spot while the other end is used to stimulate the clitoris. This can also be used during sex. The clitoral end can be used and both partners will enjoy the vibrations. There are many different ways to use this toy and it can be a lot of fun.

Hello Touch Vibrating Fingers

These little thing look similar to a glove. They go over the fingers and there is a cuff that attaches around the wrist. When they are turned on the fingers basically become little vibrators. They can be used in a number of ways to stimulate a partner or a person can even use this handy toy on themselves.

Adam and Eve Butterfly Kiss

This vibrator has been proven over and over again to be a lot of fun. The butterfly kiss has a large top to help stimulate the g spot. There is also an added feature that will stimulate and play with the clitoris at the same time. This toy is waterproof so it can be used in many different locations. There are three speeds for even more fun. This is another toy that a woman can use alone or allow her partner to control.

These are just some of the sex toys that are great for beginners. These sex toys are easy to use and can be a lot of fun. They are great to ease people into the world of sex toys and the pleasure that they offer.

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