Are you ready to have sex?

I know lots of young people who think that they are ready to have sex. When I sit down and speak to them, it is obvious that they are not really sure. Most of them are sort of pressurized into having sex when they are too young and that is not nice at all. It is just peer pressure. Before I joined London escorts, I came under the same pressure. That seems like a long time ago. Since I joined London escorts, I have learned to be more reflective on these things and to talk about them.

Like I say to some of the young girls that I meet outside of London escorts, losing your virginity is not a bragging right. I lost mine when I was 15 years old and to be hones, I was way too young. I wished that I would have waited and got to know my body a bit more. When I joined London escorts, I think that I still had a bit of a strange view on sex. It was not perverted or anything like that, but I think that I had less self respect than I should have done.

Do you understand what sex is all about when you are 15 years old? That is one thing that I am sure that you don’t do. At 15 years of age, I thought it was just an action. Now I know that sex, especially good sex, is far more complicated than that. Emotions are involved and when you are 15 years old, I don’t think that you think about that at all. It was not until I had been with London escorts for a while, I appreciated that sex was a very emotional subject. Listening to my colleagues here at London escorts talk, I know that many of the girls at the agency feel the same way about sex.

Can men have sex too early? At first I did not think that they could but now I am sure that many of my dates at London escorts have had sex too early. They seem to be obsessed with porn and sex. It is obvious when you meet them at London escorts. Sex seems to have taken over their lives from a very early age and that is not good. Some of them even have some very weird ideas about sex and intimacy. That is not good for them nor their partners, and some of them have rather dysfunctional relationships with their lovers.

When I have kids, I am going to be really honest with and just tell them to say no. I will tell them where I went wrong and why I don’t want them to go down the same route. It will not be easiest of conversations but I feel that it is one of the ones that I must have with my kids. I have told my bets friends at London escorts that I wish that my mum would have spoken that way to me. But she was a hopeless drunk so I was only her second interest after her daily bottle of Vodka. My kids will never be my second interest and I will always make sure that I make their needs a priority in my life.

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