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I accidental impregnated my girlfriend’s best friend, what shall I do? To break someone’s trust must be the dumbness thing to do, it is not easy to earn it again as you think. To break your partners heart gives him/her a reason to leave you if you’re not good enough to ask for forgiveness. There are lots of men like me who have done mistakes to their girlfriend, even if it is one time only still we committed mistake that hurts them. I truly love my girlfriend, being with her for six years is unbelievable, she still gave me the same amount of love like before, and I am happy that I found someone like her.
Never in our six years she has been unfaithful to me, being her so beautiful she has many opportunities to cheat on me but she chooses to stay with me and be loyal. Around her, there are many guys who try to wins her heart, but she always ignores them, seeing your girl acting like that is heart fattening. There are only few people who can stay loyal to you for long years. And my girlfriend is one of them. I’ve never thought of cheating with her, until her friend came from Spain come around to have a vacation.
My girlfriend introduces her to me, and at first sight I already see her as a hot girl. I knew it was wrong but every time I see her, I always have that feeling of wanting her. She is also like seducing me, and I was caught in her trap. One night, when my girlfriend told me that she can’t be home because she is overtime, her best friend came over to the house, and stay with me even my girl is not around. She also initiates to have us some drink, and we did. Hours later, I was too drunk and my fantasy with her goes really strong. We make out of love that time and she fly back to Spain.
I received an email from her months passed that she is pregnant. I don’t want to tell directly to my girlfriend, so I decided first to book a West Midland escorts to think. I did not realize that West Midland escorts can be useful in my problems; she knows better on what to do. Sexy girls at West Midland escorts offer me lots of options, and all of them are good. It was good to have spoken out your problems to anyone who is willing to listen like West Midland escorts did. West Midland escorts had given me strength to speak the truth, and accept everything I did. I also believe on what West Midland escorts say since it was true and whenever I look it, she has all the points. It was a good thing that I had book first a West Midland escorts before facing my issues.

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