Interesting Fact Of Males

Most of my friends who don’t work from London escorts, assume that I know everything there is to know about men. Although I know a lot, and picked up many interesting facts since I have been with London escorts, I would not go as far as to say that I know everything there is to know about men. Men often say that women are a bit of mystery to them. That is partially true but I would also say that men are a mystery to women.

Do men enjoy doing the laundry? I am not sure what it is about men. Most men will go on and on and brag about how technically gifted they are. However, most of the men I date at London escorts seem to be confused and perplexed when it comes to operating a washing machine. I date one guy who is an airline pilot. He can operate an airplane, read the technical manual but does not have a clue to wash his own socks. What else can I say.

Have you ever wondered why the average guy does not cook? Far fewer men are home cooks than women. I love to cook and often spend my time cooking on the weekends. Most London escorts like to have meals in the freezer so that they can have something to eat quickly. Men do find it hard when it comes to preparing a meal. They seem to want an exploded chart or something like that. One of my London escorts friends got her partner into cooking when she started to buy ready made food boxes from Go Fresh.

Do men take naturally to gardening? I am sure that many men take naturally to gardening but not all do. I date some men at London escorts who brag about their gardeners. Then I date some men who seem to kill everything that grows. I think that many charlotte escorts women find men who can garden attractive. They are producing something and that is ultimately what women like. It is a bit like bringing home the dinosaur.

Perhaps men and women will start co-operating in new and exciting ways in the future. From my London escorts experience, I think that men are slowly beginning to change. Who knows, one day you will come home from work and find that the washing has been done. We are probably still some way off, but men are becoming more domesticated. Perhaps they are finally beginning to take after their Scandinavian cousins who seem to be extremely good around the house. It will be interesting to find out what the future holds.

Do you have a man in your life who you think could do more around the house? I know that it is not easy, but there are many ways in which you can encourage a man to do more. You don’t need to tell him. It is all about making a project or an idea sound exciting and interesting. With a little bit of effort, it can be done.

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