My hacks with West Midland escorts

Some girls think it is easy to work as an escort, and often laugh at us girls who are professional escorts. It is a career like any other, and if you want to do well, you have to work at it. Over the years I have spent as a professional escort, I have learned a lot about escorting, and sometimes share my hacks with West Midland escorts.


While it is important to look good when you work for an escort agency, there is no point in spending a fortune on clothes. Some elite escorts that I have met spend a small fortune on clothes and lingerie, but I don’t. If you truly want to make some money out of escorting, you should perhaps consider investing in some good quality clothes instead and hanging on to them. That is one of my top escort hacks that I tell the girlies at West Midland escorts of about.


Don’t take it personally. Some guys really do like to spend time in your company, and then there are some constant complainers that expect a lot more from their dates with is girlies at West Midland escorts. When a guy complained, I used to get really uptight initially but I have learned that there is no point. Some of these guys are serial complainers and probably just like to complain about everything if I am honest. Yes, I have had my fair share of complaints, and I still get them, but it does not worry me at all. I just let it go, and shrug my shoulders. Some girls sell their souls; I don’t do that at all.


Be smart and make sure that you have a good relationship with your guys. That is how you end up with regular guys, and they are your bread and butter of your business. That is the other thing which is important. Lots of the girlies here at West Midland escorts do not think about their escorting as a business. It is and all of the escorts that I know are self-employed so that must mean that they are in business. I do take escorting very seriously and it has helped me a lot.


Enjoy it! If you don’t enjoy escorting, you are not going to make it big at West Midland escorts or anywhere else for that matter. I really get a kick out escorting and that is why I have stuck to it. There are many other careers which I could have tried, but escorting gives me certain freedom that I certainly like. One day, I am going to kick of my shoes and do something different but that is some way of yet. I still have a lot of energy for escorting, and that is another thing you need if you are going to make the most of your career as an escort.

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