Surviving Divorce with 3 Kids

When I first split up with my husband, I never thought that I would survive divorce with 3 kids. At the end of the day, who would want to employ a single mum with 3 kids in tow. We all know that single mums are much more likely to need days off. To be honest, I saw myself ending up on social security and I was not sure that I would ever be able to join the job market. But, fortunately for me, I was able to find a job that suited me down to the ground.

I was looking through the papers when I came across a job for a receptionist. By the sounds of it, the company was based around the corner from me in Dalston. I was kind of surprised because I could not remember seeing any “small family run” businesses in my immediate local area. Anyway, I dialled the number and was a bit taken back when somebody answered Dalston escorts services. Working for Dalston escorts was something that I had not even considered.

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Anyway, I had a chat with the girl on the phone. She sounded really nice and asked me to pop along for a job interview. The first time I walked into Dalston escorts, I felt a bit awkward but this strapping tall Black girl soon put me at ease. She explained that the boss would be with me in a minute and brought me a nice coffee. The office looked very professional and was not what I had expected at all.

A couple of minutes later, a guy who introduced himself as Tim walked in through the door. He was carrying a massive bag from the local fish and chip shop and soon the offices smelled of fish. We sat down for a chat, and I started to tell him about myself. The fact that I had 3 kids did not seem to worry him at all. He said that he had inherited Dalston escorts from his mum, and she always used to let him play in the back room when he was a kid. It was not until very much later he realized that his mum ran an escorts agency.

He asked me if I wanted the job, and a couple of days later I found myself talking my first call at Dalston escorts. I soon realized that I had made too big of a deal of working for an escort service. When I finished on my first day, we had a glass of champagne to celebrate in the office. It was not what I had expected at all. Now, a couple of months later, I work full time for the agency. Tim is really good and makes sure my schedule fits in with the kids. If there is a problem, he seems to be more than happy to help out and even ran the little one the emergency a couple of days back. It is a truly supportive working atmosphere and being accepted as a single mum with 3 kids feels wonderful.

Written by leamichele

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