The Meghan Effect On London Escorts

Princess Meg as she is known in the United States seem to be having an effect on everything she touches. When she steps out in a new coat, it is sold out a couple of hours later. Perhaps she is turning into a true royal style icon. However, is she having an effect on other parts of society? A couple of girls from a top London escorts service that I bump into down at my local Starbucks seem to think so. They say that more London escorts than ever before are going brunette trying to look a lot like the delicious and sexy Meghan.

Brunettes at London Escorts

Sexy brunettes are in demand at London escorts since Meghan hit London. It seems that gentlemen across the capital have woken up to the beauty of brunette London escorts. They see brunette escorts in London as something a little bit sassy and a cut above the rest of the girls. In fact, if you would like to spend some type with a brunette from one of the top London escorts services, you need to be out in plenty of time. Pre booking brunette escorts is essential whether you are looking for a business date or some quality personal time.

Black Escorts in London

As we all know, Meg’s mom is Black and her dad is white, and this just adds to her good looks. Booking Black escorts in London has also become more popular since the Meg effect hit London escorts. Since last year we have seen more and more sexy Black babes joining elite London escorts services. Girls who would never expect to want to go into escorting in London are now fighting for the Black London escorts jobs which are available, and all top escort agencies in and around London are now recruiting Black girls. What About the Meg Effect on Fashion? Princess Meg certainly has her own style when it comes to fashion. She loves to show off those sexy and slimline shoulders. It sort of makes her look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

It is a very nice and sexy way to dress and many London escorts have started to copy her style. Of course, the girls may not have Meg’s clothing budget when it comes down to it, but you will find copycat clothes in high street shops such as Dorothy Perkins and even top shop.

Meghan on Food

Could it be that it will be Meghan who finally encourages the British Nation to eat more healthily? Not only has this girl from LA got us all eating avocado and taking up yoga, it seems that she is now taking on the food culture in the UK.

Talking about food on dinner dates is becoming a hot topic for many girls at London escorts. There is even a rumour going around that many London escorts are brushing up on their skills in the kitchen. Exactly what those skills remain to be seen, but they may have something to do with food. But then again, they may not have anything to do with food at all.

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