Top Sexy Treats for Easter

Are you thinking about buying your girlfriend a sexy treat for Easter? Most gents like to buy their wives or girlfriends sexy little treats for Easter and other special occasions. It may not always be easy to figure out what to buy, and Easter can be really difficult. Easter is not a very sexy time of the year, and there are very few sexy items on offer in the stores. A couple of my gents at Isle of Dogs escorts buy Easter eggs, but you can’t really say that there is anything really sexy about an Easter egg.

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I sate down and thought about this dilemma the other week, and I have actually come up with a few ideas on what you could give to you partner this Easter. The Easter Bunny could always bring a basket of assorted goodies. Together with my friends at Isle of Dogs escorts, I have come up with a couple of ideas of little sexy treats for Easter.

Chocolate is always associated with Easter and so are eggs. That does not mean that the egg that you buy your girlfriend or partner this year has to be made out of chocolate. Most of us girls here at Isle of Dogs escorts are into different style of vibrators. If you are looking for that special Easter gift this year, perhaps you should consider buying your girlfriend a vibrating love egg. There are several different models on the market, but the most up to date one, is the vibrating love egg. I am sure that she will love it.

Of course you could always go for a bit of chocolate but that does not mean that it needs to come in shape of an egg. If you don’t mind splashing out a little bit extra on your girlfriend this year, I think that you should perhaps by her some sexy chocolates. For instance, you could buy her a sexy chocolate in shape of a penis. Put them amongst a basket of small chocolate Easter bunnies, and you will have a great gift for you girlfriend. I know at least one girl here at Isle of Dogs escorts who would like to receive that.

What about lingerie? You most certainly can buy your girlfriend some sexy Easter lingerie. That classical bunny suit is still very popular and most ladies like it. I have a couple of different ones that I wear at Isle of Dogs escorts. The nice thing about the classical Playboy bunny suit is that it really compliments a lady’s figure. I swear by mine, and at it is also one of those gifts that you both can chair. Once you sit down and think about it, there are some really sexy little Easter gifts that you can give to your partner. I am sure that your girlfriend will be receiving at least a couple of big treats during Easter, but why not make her Easter that little bit more special and give her a personalised sexy present as well.

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